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Soft Wing Comfort Pads

Soft Wing Comfort Pads

Performance Dog Supply

Titanium wings  Brass points.

2 wings designed to reach the skin on dogs with short to medium single coated fur.

Not as aggressive as Ultra Wings. Alternative design to the Ultra Wings to avoid pressure sores.

Developed for dogs with single coated fur.

Best if used by breeds with hair similar to: Boxer, Beagle, and Bloodhound, Corgi, etc.

Compatible with: Educator Models listed below AND the Garmin Sport Pro

  • ET-300
  • FT-330
  • ET-400
  • ET-800
  • UL-1200
  • EZ-900
  • PE-900
  • RX-090
  • RX-120
  • 300TS
  • 400TS
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