Our Story

Over the years of training hundreds of dogs and thier owners, Ashley and Greg saw a need for a pet store that carries quality gear for a purpose. Leashes that truly last a lifetime and that feel good in an owners hands without giving them rope burn while working with a reactive dog. Quality dog food and treats with beneficial ingredients and not a bunch of fillers. Adventure and sport dog equipment that you can't find anywhere in stores. Gear that we have trialed and tested ourselves day in and day out.

When we originally got our commercial space in August of 2022, it was going to be nothing but a space for us to train our dogs and work with our clients in the A/C. About a week went by of us looking around and envisioning a dog training supplies store where you could get products that no regular pet stores sell. A place that was an open space to any breed, any client, any trainer, and any dog owner that needs help or just wants to get the right tools to fulfill their dogs needs.

We quickly put that dream into action and starting networking with some our favorite brands whose gear we've used for years.

As we type this a little over a year later (January 2024) I can't believe how much we have transformed this store and everything that it has become.

We love this little retail space so much and have gained so much knowledge, great connections, and above all- built a community of dog lovers. 

Greg, Ashley, Drake & Dixie